cCloud   Data Management
The core function cCloud is to provide a stable, reliable and efficient technical service to our customers.

Our Johannesburg office hosts 2 data centres for redundancy purposes and both the data centres run independently of each other that being each centre using its own generator for backup power and independent Telkom and Neotel on-site nodes.

Our technical abilities include the IBMi (As400’s), printer connectivity, LAN/WAN setups, Firewalls, Mail Marshal Apps, Webconnect, email using Linux, MS exchange and MS Server2008.
We have sound experience on JAVA & .NET platforms using SQL databases, Terminal Services connectivity and implementation of applications.

Our technical abilities combined with our highest regard to customer service, has been our primary focus for many years at CompuCLearing

  • Hosting
  • Backups
  • Redundancy
  • Server Management
  • 24/7 Operations